Use-ability has been and will always be a key aspect of a valuable product because it helps us get things done. Besides Doing, there is also the need for Being, which I believe interactive products of the future will support. For the lack of a better word, I call it Pause-ability — the ability to bring people mindful Pauses.

Products we create are already present in the here and now. They are doorways that can guide us into the present moment. We can design interactions to emphasize that.

Here is a brief comparison of Usa-ability & Pause-ability: the two sides of the same product/object.

Lao Tzu dedicated the entire chapter 8 of ⌜Tao Te Ching⌟ to describe the mindful characteristic of water. It writes: “The supreme good is like water, which nourishes all things without trying to. Thus it is like the Tao.”

Many of the sights we see are crafted by water over…

This week, we launched a new feature ⌜Sleep⌟. It took a long time to reach the clarity needed to create something original in this space. We also embraced a very open innovation process. Here is a reflection of how the ⌜Sleep⌟ experience came together for Pause.

Strong customer needs

The original Pause was…

For several years, I have been thinking about the topic of mindful creation. It’s important because it gives meaning to mindful movements. Different pieces start to come together this week. I feel compelled to document what happened.

The inspiration

On Monday morning, I encountered a video about a Japanese artist using vibration…

We often use a timer to box time. Once set, we suppose to forget about time, and be completely focused on the task until that gentle bell rings. Why are all the digital timers show me the ticking time, when I suppose to forget the time? I know! Because my…

Disclaimer: I only spend 30mins writing this article. The goal is to give some space for a weekly reflection, and documenting the journey. I hope it may grow into a routine. (Let’s see, I failed in building good habits many times before). I think it may also be valuable to…

Cheng Peng

Founder at PauseAble

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